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Chambres & Suites

By the riverside, discover the 4-star hotel, Vatel Bordeaux. Its 12 comfortable rooms offer you peace at the heart of the city. Ecolabeled, the hotel is committed to reducing its environmental impact while guaranteeing you impeccable service.

 Standard room - Hotels Vatel France
Standard room

With an area of 20 sq. metres or more, the 4 Standard rooms are well-appointed and the elegant use of wood in the decor creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Starting from €111

Superior room - Hotels Vatel France
Superior room

The 7 Superior rooms are very spacious, with areas of 30 sq. metres or more and their own casual seating. Enjoy some relaxing peace and quiet in the heart of the city.

Starting from €127

Luxury room - Hotels Vatel France
Luxury room

The Luxury room boasts an area of more than 47 sq. metres. Its design combines contemporary styling with antique accents and it has its own casual seating, creating a chic, elegant ambiance.

Starting from €159